My name is Patrick. I’m a standard donkey. My birthday is March 13th because that’s the day I came to Morning Bray Farm. I was born in 2008.

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8 Responses to “Meet Patrick”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Welcome home Patrick:)


  2. CeeCee Says:

    Your name is fitting, as you hit the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by being rescued by Justina and Don.
    Welcome little boy, to the rest of your life.


  3. Betsey Says:

    Welcome home handsome!


  4. gazelle Says:

    I think Patrick’s story, at least a summarized version of it, needs to be repeated over on your “For Love of Donkeys” page.


  5. Brandi Turner Says:

    Justina, I have read some of the response, it is wonderful. I will continue to promote this, I know there are lots of people who will get and be involved. Hope that you are satisfied with the results so far?


  6. Christina Says:

    Don’t tell any of my three, but I’m crushing on Patrick! He is solo cute!


  7. Barb P. Says:

    How is Patrick these days? I miss reading about him and hope all is well.


    1. Morning Bray Says:


      Peppermint Patty is doing well! Thanks for asking. 🙂


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