While Dad grew up on a farm, living at Morning Bray is a dream come true for Mom.  You see, Mom grew up wanting to be Dian Fossey, live on a farm and have a bazillion four-legged children. 
Once they moved to Albuquerque, it took them a while to decide what to name the farm. Once we were both here, Mom quickly decided on Morning Bray for obvious reasons.   A few days later, Dad surprised us all with our new brand. We were so excited!
Then one December day, Carson  gave Mom a wonderful surprise. An updated version of our brand. With donkey ears!   Our brand was now alive and official.   As a matter of fact, we owe a lot to Carson.  Not only did she bring our brand to life, she helped Mom and Dad bring Ellsworth home, she hooked us up with an excellent vet and an amazing farrier, and she was there every time Mom called with questions. 
Donkey hugs and kisses to Aunt Linda.