5 Responses to “Meet Nigel”

  1. MeMaw14 Says:

    Another handsome one with similar features as Fergus! Give them all four my hugs!


  2. Lynette Says:

    He’s so chocolate-y beautiful!


  3. Shirley Says:

    Is the handsome Nigel letting you pet and hug him yet?


    1. Morning Bray Says:


      As of today, we’re petting but not hugging yet. Every day is a new day and a step forward though… and to this day, I’m pretty sure you’re handsome Nigel’s biggest fan. xxoo


  4. Patrick Greene Says:

    To Alderperson Morris and Alderperson Young,
    On Monday or Tuesday June 25th or 26th you will be receiving in the mail a certified letter from me, with a request for an agenda item for the next council meeting on July 10, 2012.
    It is the filled out form, in compliance with your own city code requirement, for the city of Van Horn to prohibit all donkey roping events.
    This is a city requirement before any lawsuit is filed against the city.
    There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the country who are extremely appreciative that you told Mr. Jason Owen to cancel the event.
    However, I feel that, if you had been caring and respectful of the animals, you would have not allowed the donkey roping event to be put on in the first place.
    There are, I believe, enough attachments to the request, to give me adequate legal grounds to sustain a “yes” vote from the council.
    Of course, because I live in San Antonio, I am physically unable to be present at the meeting. However, your ordinance did not state that a requester must be a resident of the City of
    Van Horn. It also does not have a requirement that the requester must be present at the meeting to be heard.
    You may ask yourselves what does a private citizen living hundreds of miles away care about the laws of your city.
    That is a very easy answer. Reverend Tony McCleery of First Baptist Church of Van Horn, and I, have been in extensive conversations together. He and Jason Owen are very good friends.
    Mr. Owen mistakenly believes himself to be a cowboy. Yet the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association does not condone such treatment of donkeys.
    Rev. McCleery has told me that these donkeys are wild. Therefore it is my responsibility as a citizen of Texas to act on my responsibility and insure all animals are treated humanely.
    Donkey Roping, as thousands of people all over the country have informed you, is not humane.
    I trust that if there is anything missing from my attachments to you, you will inform me of this matter.
    Patrick Greene


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