‘Tis the season for baby birds once again. These little guys were sitting on the barn floor Sunday afternoon.

I just love how well-defined their little mouths are. I wonder if they are designed that way to act as beacons for mom and dad.

I always find it comforting to hear their little peeps resonating throughout the barn.

Some interesting facts about sparrows from whatbird.com:

  • The Old Testament Bible associates the symbol of the sparrow with loneliness and solitude, while the New Testament views it as a sign of insignificance. Poor House Sparrow.
  • In Japan the sparrow is traditionally a symbol of loyalty, perhaps because of its sociable nature and how it gets along in large numbers.
  • These birds return to their birthplace after every migration (a characteristic known as philopatric). Because of this, local populations have adapted to the color of their habitat resulting in 15 distinct subspecies in the West.
  • A group of house sparrows are collectively known as a “blight”, “humiliation”, and “subdivision” of sparrows.