The other day Carson and I were talking about how when we blog about a particular burro, cat, dog, donkey, goat, horse, pig or sheep, it often happens that particular critter becomes the resident star at 7MSN or at Morning Bray that day. 

For example, yesterday I found myself actually telling Bernard that he made Cat snort her Diet Coke, Duffylou loved how his legs were crossed, C in WI thinks his mug belongs on greeting cards, Ken and Mary Berry thought his picture would make a great book jacket picture (by the way, he immediately began writing his memoirs), and June thought he might like using the rake as an Awful Good Buttscratcher (Bernard also thought that was a fabulous idea). 

In any case, mostly due to his shyness, poor Nigel really hasn’t had his chance to shine, so it’s all about him today. He’s a gorgeous boy.

I know I can’t rush it, but I so badly want to hug him and brush him. And wipe away his eye boogers. He still won’t let us touch him, but he does seem to be more and more comfortable with us as each day passes.

Baby steps are fine, buddy.

I can’t wait to see more of his personality emerge over time. For now, I know he’s a very quiet, shy and gentle soul.

And I think there are some serious wheels turning behind those beautiful eyes.

Oh, and I promise to pass along each and every one of your comments to Nigel today.  ♥