We’re not sure why, but the flies are worse than usual here this summer.

They’re driving us all crazy. 

The boys have coped with frequent dust baths and applications of fly spray.

Poor Nigel.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back last week was finding pus accumulating in the corners of Bernard’s eyes. I wasn’t about to stand for that, so wonderful Don ventured to the farm supply store to pick up some new accessories for the boys.

I honestly don’t think I had seen fly masks on horses before moving to New Mexico. I’ll admit it… I remember being thoroughly confused about why people would put things on their horses to prevent them from seeing where they were going. Huh, silly me.

I’ll also admit it’s a bit unnerving not being able to see their eyes, but the boys do seem so much more at ease.

The boys took to the masks, like… well… like flies on poo.

Ellsworth, are you in there? Yes, are you in there Bernard?

If the boys are happy, we’re happy.

No mask on Nigel yet though. Don’t you worry, buddy… your mask is ready when you are.