The American Donkey is one of the most misunderstood and often the most mistreated animal in our society.  Improving the plight of these incredible animals begins with knowledge.  

-Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

I realize now this is so true.

It’s shocking how different life was for Don and me only a year ago… BD; Before Donkeys. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I will. While I would never mistreat any animal, I bought into the “beasts of burden” thing. I never gave donkeys a second thought. I thought they were stubborn, I didn’t think they were intelligent, yadda, yadda. I mean, after all, why would so many people treat donkeys the way they do if donkeys were smart, willing creatures?

We know differently now, and so do many of you. That’s why we’re starting a new page on our site called, For the love of donkeys. Our hope is that you’ll share your positive stories, experiences and photos of donkeys and burros. Just send them to us at and we’ll post them. We’ll see what evolves from here. 

For our inaugural For the love of donkeys post, we’d like you to meet Toby and Tyler.

Just look at them! Thanks so much to Mel in N.Y. for sharing them. Mel and I emailed back and forth yesterday about our love for donkeys.

From Mel:

You know how much fun the big donkeys are, the babies are just that much more fun!! You must know by now just how contagious donkeys are. You can’t just have one or two, or three or four, 6, 8, LOL.

Toby and Tyler are now 6 and 11 weeks old. In the picture they were 3 and 8 weeks.

I’m still waiting for you to give Nigel a hug from me.


Toby and Tyler’s father is a black and white spotted jack. The mothers (a mother and her daughter) are a gray and white spotted and a frosted spot white. According to Mel, “I had my order in for two black and white spotted jenny foals, but someone got the order mixed up!  LOL.  With those eyes, the white one should have been a jenny!”
It’s obvious that Mel knows and loves his donks. We love that. ♥