Thank you to CeeCee at My Little Bit of Heaven for sending this:

I was delighted to see this in my newspaper this morning and found it on the internet so I could share it with you.
Holy moly. Look at how cute this baby zedonk is:
Apparently, when a zebra father has a baby with a donkey mother, the end result is what is called a zedonk. Read more about it here.
And thank you to Rosanne for more pictures of Russell, her mini donk. I begged, and Rosanne delivered!  Russell is so cute.
From Rosanne:
Here’s a photo of  my little porker resting in the shade. It’s been hot and humid here since the monsoon started.


Here’s another photo of Russell playing with one of our geldings. These two are hilarious together. Please ignore my dirty horse-he loves lying down in manure. LOL

We’re lovin’ ya Russ. ♥

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