“Another bug for the blog?”

That’s what Don asked me yesterday morning as he happened upon me having a conversation with this very handsome dragonfly.

From 21facts.com: 

One of the most distinguishing features of dragonflies are their eyes. They have large, compound eyes with many facets or sides. Because of their large, multifaceted eyes, the adult dragonfly can see nearly 360 degrees around it at all times.

The front wings of the dragonfly are slightly longer than the rear wings. This helps with both speed and maneuverability.

As far as insects go, dragonflies are among the fastest. Some of the faster species can fly upward of 30 miles per hour. Their four wings also allow them to move sideways, backward, to hover in place, etc. And they can do all of these movements quickly and accurately, which makes them well suited to eat other insects right out of the air.