We just wrapped up a wonderful visit with Don’s sister, Debbie, and her boyfriend, Derek. Great family, great food and great fun made for a fantastic couple of days.

Debbie was smitten with Nigel, and Nigel with Debbie.

They spent a lot of time together, which was wonderful for Nigel.

Not to worry, though. There was plenty of love, attention and affection for everyone.

Ellsworth and his Aunt Debbie shared some laughs.

Debbie was so at ease with the boys. They knew they had it good with her here visiting. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out.

Just look at the smile on Ellsworth’s face.

His ears are another pretty good indicator of his happiness.

There aren’t too many things better in Ellsworth’s book than a good ear scratch.

Thank you, Aunt Debbie.

Bernard gave out lots of hugs…

… and had fun playing his donkey games with Derek.

It warmed my heart to see Fergus showing affection to both Debbie…

… and Derek. Fergus has come such a long way in such a short amount of time.

By the way, Derek is a phenomenal chef, a masterful bartender and an incredibly fun person to be with.

Before they left for the airport, Derek and Debbie presented us with this process flow map for dog barking at Morning Bray Farm. It’s spot on. ♥