Jeremiah was a bullfrog…

An American bullfrog, actually… and the largest frog species in North America.

They’re nocturnal predators and will ambush and eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths, including insects, mice, fish, birds and snakes. They sit quietly and wait for prey to pass by, then lunge with their powerful hind legs, mouths open wide. Who knew?

We see quite a few during the summer months along the banks of our irrigation ditch. Don enjoys driving me mad each time we spot one by singing this little tune.

There’s a little green frog (glumph)
Swimming in the water.
A little green frog (glumph)
Doing what he oughter.
He jumped right off of the lily pad
The little duck bit.
And he said “I’m glad,
I’m a little green frog,
Swimming in the water,
Glumph, Glumph, Glumph.”