I promise this is the last bucket post you’ll see for a while.

If you’ve ever wondered, this is what happens when you combine four inquisitive donkey boys with one bucket filled with water. Mind you, there’s a perfectly good tub filled with water just steps away from the bucket. (In other words, don’t let them convince you it’s been three days since their last drink.)

No surprise that Bernard is always nearby. That’s Ellsworth’s tongue again, by the way.

Bernard convinces Fergus that this water is worth going out of one’s way to drink.

Then manages to drag the bucket away from Fergus. See the water sloshing out of the bucket?

Fergus makes an appeal for help. Mamma, isn’t there anything you can do about Bernard?

Fergus gives it another shot, with Bernard up to his usual antics…a la Lochness Monster.

Fergus: Look here, you little squirt.

Fergus: Mamma, do you see that he’s outta control?

Me: It’s a madhouse, I tell ya. 

Ellsworth: Mamma, isn’t there anything you can do about the pipsqueak?

Me: Well, will you look at that? Nigel has finally overcome his fear of bucket alligators. (Nigel was terrified of buckets when he first came to Morning Bray Farm.)

Fergus and Nigel in unison: Mom!

Fergus: Don’t you worry, Nigel. I got you covered.

Fergus: You drink… I got your back.   ♥ ♥ ♥