Patrick’s braying started at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. He has an excellent set of lungs and begins his brays with an extremely high-pitched “WHEEEEEEEEEE!” followed by a bellowing “HAAAAAAAAAAAW!”  “HAAAAAAAAAAAW!”  “HAAAAAAAAAAAW!”

After this repeated four times over the next hour (every fifteen minutes or so), Don got out of bed, got dressed and went outside to sit in the corral with Patrick for a couple of hours. After Patrick brayed twice more, Don gave up and came inside.

Because we think Patrick was calling the boyz (he couldn’t see them or hear them because they had gone out to sleep in the pasture), we decided to physically introduce everyone on Tuesday evening to avoid a repeat performance of Patrick’s overnight serenade. 

Patrick’s first inclination was to check out the green Jolly Ball. His first toy?

Everyone was very interested in saying hello.

Bernard insisted on being the first to meet Patrick.

Fergus wanted to be next.

Nigel joined Fergus.

They were very curious and assertive, but never really tried to touch Patrick.

I think initially whether it was from humans or donkeys, Patrick didn’t know how to handle the attention he was receiving.

As soon as no one was paying attention to him, though, Patrick covertly tried to check things out.

Nigel was the most expressive about putting Patrick in his place.

Meanwhile, Ellsworth was promising Don that he would be on his best behavior.

Bernard, Fergus and Nigel came out and Ellsworth headed in.

Ellsworth was a perfect gentleman.

He was gentle. My heart soared.

Patrick was still nervous.

I think Ellsworth did his best to reassure Patrick.

I’m not sure if Ellsworth’s feelings were hurt, but here’s what he did next.

He went to Don.

Don reassured Ellsworth that Patrick would soon come around. Don’t worry, Worth.

What happened next amazed me. When Don opened the gate to let Ellsworth back into the main corral, Ellsworth pushed the gate open all the way.

It’s as if Ellsworth was saying, “It’s okay Dad. Patrick can come in now.”

 And Patrick came in.

And we all slept extremely well on Tuesday night.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥