It was one year ago on April 16 that we brought Fergus and Nigel home from the BLM holding facility in Canon City, Colorado.

And it was last week that we received Certificates of Title for them and their adoption became official.

A wild horse or burro actually belongs to the Federal government until the BLM issues a Certificate of Title.  After you’ve had the animal for one year, the BLM sends you a Title Eligibility Letter, which you must have signed by a qualified person (such as a veterinarian, county extension agent, or humane official) verifying that you have provided humane care and treatment for your adopted animal. Once you sign and return the Title Eligibility Letter, the BLM mails a Certificate of Title to you. After you receive the Certificate of Title, the animal becomes your private property.

There was a lot of excitement here at Morning Bray Farm the afternoon the big brown envelope from the BLM arrived in our mailbox. Don showed Fergus his certificate, and Fergus rejoiced at the news of his adoption being official.

Patrick was very excited about all the commotion and wanted to know where his certificate was.

Don’t you worry, sweet boy. You’re not going anywhere and you’re officially a part of this herd, okay?

Then Don showed Nigel his certificate.

And Nigel gave his lip of approval.

Both Fergus and Nigel have come so far in the past year. We’re so thankful that they’re here with us and part of the amazing herd at Morning Bray Farm. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥