The Boyz reminded me yesterday that they haven’t been featured on the blog in a while.

I’m sorry, Boyz.

You’ve missed the new game that Bernard likes to play. He comes up behind me and gently puts his head between my legs so that I’ll put one of my legs over his back. 

I think  know he just likes being hugged.

Patrick continues to come out of his shell more and more with each passing day. He’s a remarkable donkey boy.

So does Nigel, by the way. We’re now touching Nigel’s face, so it’s a matter of time before we get a halter on him. He’s a remarkable burro boy. (Many thanks to Mel in NY for your advice with Nigel.)

You’ve also missed how happy everyone is when Don daddy gets home.

Daddy pushes down tree branches so the Boyz can eat leaves. The Boyz love leaves. Good golly… just look at Ellsworth’s face.

I kind of think the Boyz look like giraffes when they’re eating leaves from the trees.

Yes, Patrick… that’s a good thing.  ♥