We wrapped up a wonderful visit yesterday with Don’s sister, Debbie.

From the moment she arrived, she dug in to help with chores around Morning Bray Farm.

The first morning she was here, Debbie and I hung out in the corral waiting for presents from all the boys.

For the record, two hours is a long time to wait for a donkey to poo.

You know you have an awesome sister-in-law when she’s willing to ride in the car on the way to the vet with five bags of donkey poo in the back seat.

On Sunday afternoon, Debbie taught us how to make margaritas from scratch.

That was serious fun.

She spent a lot of time talking with the boys.

And loving on Nigel.

We even did some sightseeing.

Debbie is one of the loveliest people I know and having her here was a gift. So much so, it felt like Christmas in July here.

Speaking of Christmas, Debbie discovered a new meaning for it during her visit. Christmas in New Mexico also means both red and green chile on your breakfast burrito.