Each time we’ve brought someone new into the herd, it happens. It happened with Fergus and Nigel, with Patrick, and now with Gracie Belle. The Boyz shun the newcomer away from the feed tub, and sometimes, they can be downright mean about it.

I worry and fret, and Don reminds me they just need time to figure things out.

Gracie came to us on Thursday afternoon. She didn’t have the slightest interest in food on Friday. On Saturday, she finally started eating, and I was so relieved.

Last night, things were different. Instead of being relegated to the feed tub set out separately for her, Gracie managed to turn the tables on the Boyz and had four big, strong manly men eating out of a teensy, weensy tub.

Look who’s large and in charge now, Boyz.

Little Miss Gracie Belle. Yee-haw.