The vegetable garden that we dreamt of in January came to life this summer. With excitement, we harvested some of our carrots yesterday.

Oh, look. Here’s one of Lenny‘s 287 sunflower seed stashes; found all over Morning Bray Farm. Thank you, Lenny.

Aren’t the cosmic purple carrots gorgeous?

Poor Patrick and Nigel. I just set the basket down for a moment. I didn’t mean to torture you.

From left to right: Cosmic purple, White Belgian (Blanche A Collet Vert), and Berlicum 2.

Samples, anyone? (Don’t miss Ellsworth’s and Nigel’s cute mouths; they’re drooling with anticipation.)

Patrick: Dad, I don’t care which flavor. Honest.

Patrick: Mmm. Good. Carrots are your pal.

Bernard: Ellsworth, do you need help with that? Here, let me help you. That’s what best friends are for…