Posted on behalf of Edgewood Longears Safehouse in Edgewood, New Mexico:

Cinca was born October 24 and had such long legs that her foster mom decided to wait a little before notifying us to see whether the foal was ok. But as you can see in the pictures, she is doing very well and LOVES to play. Roxanne was a pregnant jenny rescued from Southwest Livestock Auction on October 16 together with another pregnant jenny and a gelding. The foals would have died at the feedlot had they been born there. The jennies were penned up together with intact jacks and stallions, and the feedlot owner has the reported practice of killing all surviving foals to save on feed.

Potential adopters and homes will be screened. Roxanne had trust issues at first but has been coming along wonderfully since her rescue. She is now accepting a halter and is becoming friendlier every day. Potential adopters of Roxanne and her baby should be aware that Roxanne probably was abused in the past and will need a patient and understanding environment to thrive in. Roxanne is about six years old at this point, thus at a good (donkey) age to be trained in various disciplines or even just for showing (she’s very pretty with a rare red dun coloring). Adopters will sign a contract with us granting us first right to buy the donkeys back if they are to be sold; the contract will also stipulate that they are not to be used for breeding and will need to be kept on a strict grass hay and/or barley straw diet.

Roxanne and Cinca belong to Edgewood Longears Safehouse but are currently in foster care at Kiva Donkey Rescue in Bernardo, NM. The two are up for adoption as a pair. If you are interested in visiting them, please call Diane Wiltshire at 505-480-2806 to set up an appointment. Bernardo is right on I-25 a short distance south of Belen, NM. All details concerning the adoption should be discussed with Dorothea or Andrew of Edgewood Longears Safehouse; please contact them at longears.safehouse @ (remove spaces!). We will ask for a moderate donation toward our rescue expenses in return for ownership of the donkeys.