When it comes to being cold, I’m a pansy.

I know they’re ducks…

…but I still worry about them. It’s their first winter, after all.

Izzy, honey. You’re so dirty.

Look at how brown you are, sweetheart.

You need a bath.

Alfie loves taking a bath:

No matter how cold it is:

Because Muscovies aren’t known for being cold-hardy, I fill their pool at lunchtime only on days when it’s warm and sunny. This gives them ample opportunity to dry off before it gets dark.

Jake gets so excited that he starts bathing even before he gets in the pool:

It’s just the cutest thing ever:

But it’s still cold:

And I still worry about them being completely dry before the sun goes down:

Izzy! You’re finally getting in the pool:

And look at how beautiful and clean you are after your bath!

An interesting article, for those who are interested: http://www.muscovyduckcentral.com/marvelousmuscovies.html

Although these waterfowl relish swimming when given the opportunity, they tend to be more terrestrial than other domestic ducks and their feathers seem to have less waterproofing.  As a consequence, a pond isn’t necessary for Muscovies and can even pose a hazard during icy winters, when these ducks of tropical origin may become chilled or suffer frostbite.