There are few things I love more than watching and listening to the Boyz and Gracie eat. (I find it very therapeutic.) Because I spend a lot of time observing them, I know that when Ellsworth swishes his tail, it’s a signal he’s getting ready to move.

In this case, he’s probably doing the tail swish because he thinks Bernard is getting too close:

Otherwise, an Ellsworth tail swish at mealtime is a prelude to his rear end swinging from side to side… gradually widening his arc… until he decides which way he’s going to go.

With six donkeys in our herd now, our old round feed tub was becoming more and more problematic. Things were tight, and Ellsworth’s need to shift positions every so often was disturbing the peace.

That’s why we decided to get a new feeder last weekend:

And, bless his heart… Ellsworth still has the need to move. While I was out watching them with camera in hand, Big Red thought he would move forward over and across the new feeder (notice where his front feet are):

Maybe it was because I gasped, or perhaps it was because his brothers and sister started snickering… Ellsworth realized this wasn’t a good idea (Do you see how hard Gracie is laughing? Poor Ellsworth.):

Looks like the new feeder is also going to give us some new perspectives:

And very cute photo ops:

♥ ♥ ♥