A couple of weeks ago, I arrived home to hear a familiar and favorite sound. It was the melodic sound of turkeys chirping next door.

Oh, how I’ve missed that sound. So has Mister Turkey:

Our new turkey girl neighbors are incredibly friendly. Most evenings when we call to them, they come running over to say hello:

Many of you know of my overwhelming need to name everything. I’m very thankful to our wonderful neighbor for allowing me the privilege of naming his new girls.

Welcome, Gabby:

And welcome, Babette:

Remember the part where I mentioned how friendly they are? When I sit on the fence, they fly up and join me most evenings for a chat. They’re not shy:

And we really do chat:


It’s a blessing to have such nice neighbors, don’t you think?

Babette is a bit smaller than Gabby and has a beautiful line of black feathers going down the center of her back:

And a lighter colored face and wattle:

Gabby is extremely outgoing and very outspoken:

And has taken to roosting each night on the gate between the goat and sheep runs here at Morning Bray Farm:

Welcome to the neighborhood, ladies. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for lots of turkey babies this spring. ♥