Meet the bane of our New Mexico existence:

Puncturevine, a.k.a. goatheads:

It’s definitely a plant that’s designed to survive. From the time a goathead seed sprouts until it blooms and starts to form seeds usually only takes two to three weeks. Turn your head for a second and this happens:

A ginormous, proliferating, tire puncturing, noxious weed:

Wondering why we call them goatheads? Here’s why:

Not everyone at Morning Bray Farm shares Don’s and my disdain for goatheads though.

The Boyz and Gracie think they’re delish:

Really? It’s gotta be like eating thumbtacks:


The seed is an amazing product of natural selection. The seed coat is extremely durable (as you well know if you’ve ever stepped on one with a bare foot) and in the right conditions can last upwards of 20 years. Each fruit or burr separates into five separate segments. Each segment has two to four seeds inside it.