The Morning Bray Farm skunk chaser could have warned him, but we know Buck’s curiosity at seeing a skunk for the first time would’ve prevailed anyway.


At some point Sunday night or very early Monday morning, Buck crossed paths with a skunk. When Don and I ventured out in the dark for chores on Monday morning, I smelled “skunk” and thought that it had just sprayed somewhere nearby. It wasn’t until I went home at lunchtime that I realized Buck had been skunked. He showed no signs of distress.

On Monday afternoon, we were de-skunking our little Buckaroo.

Eau de skunk covered his muzzle and neck. Pee-yew!


Thrilled that for once he wasn’t the one in trouble, Bernard couldn’t resist some heckling:


Buck took his de-skunking in stride, though. He’s such a beautiful, good boy:


And at least we now see him before we can smell him.


If you ever need a skunk treatment recipe, here’s ours:

Combine one quart peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and one tablespoon dish liquid. Wash dog donkey with solution, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse.

skunk solution ingredients