The girls and Whisky were treated to Frosty Paws after having their nails done yesterday.

Enzi stressed that I simply wasn’t moving fast enough.

Whisky did his best to mind move the ice cream from my hand to his mouth.

Enzi Diva is never shy.

My goodness Baby Kassie, what big eyes you have!

Various methods are employed to enjoy the tasty treat. Whisky prefers the quick extract method.

Simply remove and eat the ice cream whole. In less than 30 seconds.

Enzi and Kassie are our dainty lickers. Takes a lot longer to finish, but they seem to enjoy every lick.

Suni loves her unique scissor method. Very quick and efficient. She’s a bottom line kind of gal.

And then there’s Kike, who gets the award for innovation in technique by using the top lip over cup method. Maximum output with minimum effort. Nothing wrong with that.

In case you aren’t familiar with Frosty Paws, you can find them in the ice cream section at the grocery store. This pack highly recommends them.