Kike and Suni01

It was 10 years ago on June 3rd that my African Queens flew from Nairobi, Kenya to their new life in America.

Kike and Suni02

Naturally, we had a party last week to celebrate their anniversary birthday.

Kike and Suni03

My beautiful girls.

Kike and Suni04

Still so polite.

Kike and Suni06

Happy Birthday, Kike Coyote. Happy Birthday, Suni Lou Who.

Kike and Suni07

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kike Suni

♥ ♥

Having my mom; aka Memaw, here for a visit is always a blessing because she helps us with so many things. On Saturday, she helped me give the girls and Whisky a bath.

Kassie’s favorite part of getting a bath is being dried off.

She loves being rubbed dry.

Giving Whisky a bath is a dream. He loves water, so he walks right into the tub when he’s asked… and stands quietly and calmly while he’s being washed.

Enzi and Suni share the same philosophy about baths. They do everything they can to convince themselves that, “This isn’t happening to me,” while they’re being bathed, but they love the end results.

Both Enzi and Suni always have an extra spring in their step after a nice bath.

And Kike. Sweet girl just loves to be loved, no matter where she is.

Even in the bathtub. ♥