Ellsworth is a yawner. When he wakes from a nap, he tends to go through a routine of yawning several times.  And he does it with much gusto.  

Yawn number one: 

 Yawn number two: 

Yawn number three: 

I just yawned. Look at that adorable post-yawn face and how scrunched his nose is.   

And at the very end of each yawn, the cute upper lip.  Have you yawned yet? 

And then – and no, I’m not pulling your leg here – he has the nerve to go back to sleep.  

And do cute things even in his sleep. Every time he exhaled, he blew a dust cloud with his nose.  

Cross my heart these pictures are in chronological order. This is the first thing he did when he woke back up.  

Did you yawn?