Fergus’s front feet are a teensy bit too long. 

It’s not earth-shattering, nor is it an emergency, but from watching the way he walks, I know he’ll feel better once his feet are trimmed. He walks like you’d walk if you had shoes on that were too big. 

So, we’ve been working on rubbing his legs and touching his feet this week. 

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the corral hanging out with the boys and figured I’d give it a shot. 

Other than putting his head down as if to say, “Umm… excuse me?”, he really didn’t seem to object. The jerkiness of the video and the abrupt ending came along when Bernard decided he wanted to pay homage to the hockey playoffs by coming up behind me, taking the hem of my shirt in his mouth and trying to pull it up over my head. ♥ 

In any case, you are now an official witness to the very first time one of Fergus’s feet was picked up.