Sunday Cinema

Just the other day, we were comparing notes with Carson about how our respective dogs react when they hear coyotes. Normally, our dogs completely ignore them.

You’ll see that was not the case with Kassie on Friday evening as the sun was setting and a pack of nearby coyotes started howling, yipping, yelping and barking.

We measure Kassie’s alert status by how close the tip of her tail is to touching her back. ♥

There are a few things that set Kassie off. Each time the air conditioner shuts off is one of them. If you listen, you might hear a high-pitched whine coming from the unit… we’re sure that’s what she’s barking at. Why this sets Kassie off and not our other dogs, we don’t know.

We do know that Kassie doesn’t like new or unknown things. No kidding… she once barked incessantly at a very large mushroom she discovered in our backyard in Maryland.

Do your dogs – or cats – have strange things that rile them up?

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