On Thursday, after seeing the Hairy Hacienda madhouse, Carson asked if you all could see what happens when MeeMaw gets ambushed in the corral. I wouldn’t say my mom was ambushed, but Fergus and Ellsworth definitely vied for her attention, scritches and hugs.

This was the first time for my mom to meet Fergus and Nigel. Fergus instantly glommed on to my mom. Interesting.

Ellsworth knew from her visit in October that my mom was good for scritches.

As always, there were a few aww moments. Look at Ellsworth’s head on Fergus’s back. You can see Nigel dutifully standing behind Fergus.

And Ellsworth rubbing his face against my mom’s back…

Fergus willingly accepted a hug…

And so did Ellsworth.

If you happen to be wondering where Bernard was during all of this, he was busying himself with trying to eat the camera and wrapping his pretzel self around me. I think he might be turning into a momma’s boy. I find myself totally okay with that. ♥