We always look forward to Carson‘s visits.  

Carson has the patience of a saint when she’s working with the boys, and she’s a great teacher to me.

I was thrilled on Saturday when Carson wanted to work on clicker training using the chucker. Even Nigel got into it.

It didn’t take but a few minutes for Fergus to catch on.

He was all too happy when he realized if he touched the glove, he was going to get one of the peppermint candies Aunt Linda brought for them. I was all too happy when I saw first hand exactly how clicker training works and how it’s going to help us with other things, such as getting Fergus to lead.

Of course, Carson was practically accosted by young Bernard once he realized she had peppermint treats.

Peppermint treats or not, the boys wanted to be wherever Aunt Linda was, and I had fun being able to take pictures of Carson taking pictures. When does that ever happen?

Nigel is so close to letting us really touch him.

Of course the boys enjoyed their butt scritches and took full advantage of the fact that Aunt Linda was doling them out.

This was the first time for Carson to see Fergus and Nigel since the day after they arrived at Morning Bray.

They’ve come a long way since then.

Carson loves spending time with the boys just as much as we do. We think that’s super cool.

Bernard couldn’t agree more. I so wish I had gotten a picture of Bernard wrapping himself around Carson. She said she felt like she was being squeezed by an octopus. Mind you, Bernard doesn’t do that to just anyone… only the people he loves. ♥