Like our new blog header? Do you see who’s new?

We’re so lucky that our friend Carson over at The 7MSN Ranch is a phenom at Photoshop.

I sent her this photo of Harriet straight out of my camera:

Harriet SOOC

And she sent this masterpiece back:


Thank you, Carson. ♥

On Sunday morning we backed the trailer into the corral and said, “All aboard to anyone who wants to go to a party!” I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear that Bernard was the first to climb aboard, completely unaided.

Bernard was followed by Patrick, then Ellsworth.

We did our best to convince Buck of the great time that was in store for him, but in the end he decided to stay with Nigel and Gracie at Morning Bray Farm. Maybe next time.

It was a beautiful day and our drive was uneventful:

The 7MSN herd was waiting to greet us when we arrived:

Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick were so happy to be back, they didn’t waste any time getting the party started:

Patrick got us into a festive mood by modeling the latest in Cinco de Mayo fashion, along with George, Hank, Lucy and Don:

When Carson brought out the first round of her Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margaritas, we were all excited – people and equines alike. Carson makes a really good margarita:

We went out and did some game donkey driving in the Ranger, with the hope of spotting the rare and elusive feral donkeys of Morning Bray Farm. (The last couple of times we’ve visited 7MSN, the Boyz turn into the Wild Boyz and want nothing to do with us while they’re exploring.)

Alan came over to see if he could talk Danni into giving him a taste of her margarita:

Ah, yet another perfect donkey (and people) play date day with our truly awesome friends.

Loved it. ♥

With the addition of Buck to the Morning Bray Farm herd, you might have noticed our new blog header this week. 

Credit must go to where credit is due. I’m not sure how many of you are aware that Carson over at 7MSN has been responsible for Morning Bray Farm’s blog headers from the beginning.

Carson took this photo and turned it into our first blog header:

Then she transformed one of my pictures of Bernard and Ellsworth into our next blog header:

Honestly, I think this header after Fergus and Nigel had joined our herd is my favorite of all time. Again, Carson took my picture and brought it to life:

December 2010. A beautiful Christmas gift:

March 2011. Patrick’s arrival:

July 2011. It broke our hearts to post this header:

August 2011. Gracie Belle’s arrival:

October 2011. Our new header. Welcome home Buck:

Thank you Carson… for making them all come alive. Thank you.

Yesterday Don and I took Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick to visit Carson and the herd at 7MSN.

Patrick hadn’t been loaded into a trailer since he came to Morning Bray Farm back in March, and we worried about how he would do.

Something I never told you is that Patrick’s former people used a cattle prod to trailer load him.

Well, world, I’m here to tell ya… Patrick don’t need no cattle prod to load into a trailer. Our fluffy boy walked right in.

I was so excited that he could be part of the adventure yesterday. So happy that he got to experience the beauty of life.

It was interesting how the addition of Patrick made things feel different. It felt like a herd this time. Just like that, the boys played and played.

The icing on the cake was my best ride yet on Big Red. Thanks to Carson and Lucy, Big Red and I learned a ton, gained confidence and had a blast.

We practiced a one-rein stop, we trotted, we loped and we maneuvered up and down and through and over various obstacles. Big Red was cooperative, willing and confident. Life was beautiful yesterday!

Happy Independence Day to all of you from all of  us at Morning Bray Farm.  ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you to Aunt Linda for taking such beautiful pictures of the boyz while she was here for our annual crab feast on Saturday.  ♥

If you visited Carson’s blog over at 7MSN today, you already know that Bernard and Ellsworth were there yesterday for a play date and that Carson and I took an obscene number of pictures.

Bernard and Ellsworth had the time of their lives with the 7MSN herd. While the humans laughed and watched, the boys and beautiful Lucy ran and cavorted like they were enjoying a day in heaven on earth.

There were moments though, that Lucy and Alan seemed incredulous. Stay tuned to see what they were watching. ♥

There was no midnight raid. Bernard didn’t have bolt cutters. We aren’t on New Mexico’s most wanted list. 

We’ve named him Patrick, he’s here and he’s safe. And he’s already been surrounded by people who love him.

We spent a wonderful day on Sunday at 7MSN with Carson and Danni from Critter Farm.

On our way home from 7MSN, it happened. For a couple of weeks now, Don and I have talked about making an offer to buy Patrick as soon as we saw his people. As we drove past Patrick’s corral on Sunday evening, we saw they were there.

We pulled in and Don got out. I stayed in the car and pretended to read the newspaper because I couldn’t be involved in the conversation. Don is much more even-keeled than I am… if Patrick’s person had said no, it’s likely that I would have either started crying or yelling at him.

It turns out that Patrick’s person said yes, and here’s what we now know about Patrick:

  • He didn’t have a name
  • He is three years old and they acquired him two and a half years ago; he has never known anything but torment
  • He’s gelded, but not by a veterinarian (it was a home job)
  • He was used regularly for roping practice
  • They were unhappy with his performance as a roping donkey because Patrick learned early on that it wouldn’t hurt as bad if he stopped running as soon as he felt the rope around his ankles
  • His diet consisted of cow hay; he didn’t even rate the hay that was being fed to the horses that he was being used to train

By the time Patrick arrived at Morning Bray Farm on Sunday evening and we got him settled in, it was dark. That explains the pictures in yesterday’s post. (We were exhausted after a wonderful day, but we had to let you know that he was here.)

He is a very sweet boy and he’s going to do well with lots of love… which he got lots of yesterday, thanks to Carson and Danni.

He’s handsome too.

He’s hiding underneath a bit of hair.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Carson and Danni spent the day working with and loving Patrick while Don and I were at work. Thank you, Aunt Linda and Aunt Danni. We love you.

Don came home bearing gifts for Patrick. A brand new, shiny green halter and lead rope.

Green is Patrick’s color.

It makes him look exceptionally, super cute.

We have no doubt that life is going to come back into Patrick’s eyes. Bernard will make sure of that.

The vet is coming this morning and we’ll start introducing Patrick to the boyz as soon as we get the all clear. ♥

To read more about Carson’s and Danni’s day of love with Patrick, be sure to visit their blogs at The 7MSN Ranch and On the Way to Critter Farm.

I think yesterday was one of the best days of young Bernard’s life. While his brothers were contentedly eating breakfast, Bernard wanted a part of whatever was going on as soon as Don started backing up the trailer.

It was a perfect New Mexico day as we drove to The 7MSN Ranch.

As soon as we arrived, Bernard expressed his excitement by letting out a big, loud bray. George and Alan were so excited, they floated on air.

I simply loved seeing Bernard in this environment.

After a delicious lunch on the porch – while watching the burro brothers and Bernard gallop past in single file – we all took a walk in the pasture. Bernard made himself completely at home and led the way.

George, Alan, Carson and Hank were right behind us.

And when it was time to head back to the barn, Bernard led the way once again.

At the end of the afternoon, parting was such sweet sorrow. By the time we arrived home, the sun was beginning to set as we crossed the Rio Grande, and the only thing Bernard could talk about was the next time he visits The 7MSN, Ellsworth will be along for the ride. ♥

It’s a good thing Carson loves the boys, because they sure do love her. There was practically a riot here when she showed up yesterday morning.

Carson had the honor of being the third two-legged to touch Nigel. We think that’s quite appropriate because if she hadn’t come into our lives, our beloved boys probably wouldn’t have either.

Carson was there with us on day one for Ellsworth. It appears he hasn’t forgotten that.

Once the ruckus quieted down, Carson was able to spend some time with Nigel. Pretty cool.

For Don and me… one of the highlights of our day… fresh eggs from 7MSN.

And wait, there’s more. In true Carson fashion (this lady never does anything half-assed), look at the 7MSN egg carton.  Morning Bray Farm officially has the coolest egg carton ever in our refrigerator. Ever. ♥

9/24 Note from Carson: Click here for the source of the egg cartons – they come with label sheets and the vendor also has a Word template for the labels that you can download.

We always look forward to Carson‘s visits.  

Carson has the patience of a saint when she’s working with the boys, and she’s a great teacher to me.

I was thrilled on Saturday when Carson wanted to work on clicker training using the chucker. Even Nigel got into it.

It didn’t take but a few minutes for Fergus to catch on.

He was all too happy when he realized if he touched the glove, he was going to get one of the peppermint candies Aunt Linda brought for them. I was all too happy when I saw first hand exactly how clicker training works and how it’s going to help us with other things, such as getting Fergus to lead.

Of course, Carson was practically accosted by young Bernard once he realized she had peppermint treats.

Peppermint treats or not, the boys wanted to be wherever Aunt Linda was, and I had fun being able to take pictures of Carson taking pictures. When does that ever happen?

Nigel is so close to letting us really touch him.

Of course the boys enjoyed their butt scritches and took full advantage of the fact that Aunt Linda was doling them out.

This was the first time for Carson to see Fergus and Nigel since the day after they arrived at Morning Bray.

They’ve come a long way since then.

Carson loves spending time with the boys just as much as we do. We think that’s super cool.

Bernard couldn’t agree more. I so wish I had gotten a picture of Bernard wrapping himself around Carson. She said she felt like she was being squeezed by an octopus. Mind you, Bernard doesn’t do that to just anyone… only the people he loves. ♥