After getting a halter on Fergus for the first time three weeks ago, we did the Happy Dance in anticipation of his feet being trimmed at our farrier’s next visit. Fast forward to yesterday evening… 

…and a brief quiz for you. Can you tell the difference between this picture:

And this picture? Hint, look at Fergus’s ears and eyes and where Don’s left hand is. Big, big difference.

Let me tell ya a couple of things. First, a lot happened between those first two pictures. (I put the camera down for a bit in between.) Second, a good farrier, a.k.a Shorty, is worth his weight in platinum. Thanks, Carson!

We’ve been picking up Fergus’s feet without incident since the end of April, and he’s been quite fine with it. What we discovered yesterday is that Fergus isn’t comfortable with people he doesn’t know, and that’s understandable.

Each time Shorty initially tried to pick up Fergus’s first front foot, Fergus got up on his hind legs and/or got himself away from Shorty and Don. Fergus had a bit of a wild look in his eyes and seriously wasn’t having any of it. While Bernard and Ellsworth each have had their moments, it has never been like this.

As Don and I were looking at each other in desperation (and I was thinking to myself that this wasn’t going to happen), Shorty was amazing. Patience, soft touches, soothing words.

Then I saw Shorty softly put his hand over Fergus’s eye. Fergus almost immediately calmed down.  Shorty asked Don to cover Fergus’s eye on whichever side Shorty was working and…

…success! Fergus just needed a bit of a blinder! Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I shed a tear or two of happiness.

Meanwhile, I looked over to see that Bernard had untied himself from the fence and was debating whether to take himself for a stroll to avoid his own foot trimming…

…and was happy to see that Nigel was okay with a dust bath as long as Fergus was within sight.

When the fourth foot was done, Fergus seemed to fly away as soon as his halter was removed…

And now seems to be walking with a new spring in his step. ♥