This time of year, watching monsoon clouds gather over Albuquerque is an almost daily occurrence.

The monsoon is our summer rainy season.  It runs from about late June or early July until mid-September, and generally brings us about 40 percent of our annual rainfall. 

I began a new love affair at the beginning of this year’s monsoon. How did I ever live without gumboots?

Several of the boys’ favorite spots have turned into cesspools these last couple of weeks. This corner of the corral is was the donkey place to be, thanks to the fine sand that Lenny dug out when he built his nest. Until the monsoon started, this was prime real estate for donkey rolling at Morning Bray Farm.

Not so much now. This is so cool though. I’ve never been okay with walking in green funk before.

Lenny is constantly making changes to his abode based on current conditions. We’re wondering if the Army Corps of Engineers is hiring, because Lenny is an engineering genius. He built himself a levee. ♥