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Yesterday felt like a glorious spring day. Even Lenny came out to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Like all of us here, he was happy to bask in the golden rays. He even had a sparkle in his eye.

Hello, Leonard. Did you sleep well?

Don and I often talk about the magical and unexpected moments we experience at Morning Bray Farm. They seem to happen a whole lot here.  

Take Baby Boy, for instance. He’s gotten to the point now where he follows me around the corral and pasture… his nose to my rear. Momma is frequently not far behind these days. That’s magical, considering they were feral when they came to us a year and a half ago. I love them and they make me smile.

Check out Gladys. After laying a dozen or so eggs and being inattentive to her nest the last couple of weeks, she’s been faithfully sitting on her X marks the spot eggs in the goat stall for the last two days and nights. Isn’t she pretty?

She doesn’t seem to mind our comings and goings. That’s magical too. I can’t help but coo at her and smile every time I walk past.

Unexpected surprises can also be magical. For example, finding one of Lenny’s winter stashes in the hose storage container by the barn. How does he know he needs to save for the upcoming months? Whether it’s magic or instinct, made me smile.  

Yesterday, this one made me say, “Well, I’ll be.” 

The sandhill cranes are back in town. This was our first official sighting of the year from Morning Bray Farm. The magic in this… Limpy (in the foreground) is back for her third straight year in a row. In case you’re wondering, Limpy limps. That’s how we know it’s her.

She brought a big old smile to my face. Simply magical. ♥

CeeCee‘s comment about squirrels eating her sunflowers prompted me to do some Lenny research over the weekend.

Turns out, Lenny’s a rock squirrel. Apparently, they’re considered a nuisance to many folks here… so much so that the New Mexico State University College of Agriculture published this: Controlling Rock Squirrel Damage in New Mexico.

Yikes. Poor Lenny.

Hmm… makes me wonder… have I been blaming the wrong four-leggeds for eating my flowers?

This time of year, watching monsoon clouds gather over Albuquerque is an almost daily occurrence.

The monsoon is our summer rainy season.  It runs from about late June or early July until mid-September, and generally brings us about 40 percent of our annual rainfall. 

I began a new love affair at the beginning of this year’s monsoon. How did I ever live without gumboots?

Several of the boys’ favorite spots have turned into cesspools these last couple of weeks. This corner of the corral is was the donkey place to be, thanks to the fine sand that Lenny dug out when he built his nest. Until the monsoon started, this was prime real estate for donkey rolling at Morning Bray Farm.

Not so much now. This is so cool though. I’ve never been okay with walking in green funk before.

Lenny is constantly making changes to his abode based on current conditions. We’re wondering if the Army Corps of Engineers is hiring, because Lenny is an engineering genius. He built himself a levee. ♥

You might remember a post about Cecil from several weeks ago. Just as we call all of our barn swallows Cecil, all of our squirrels are called Lenny.

Lenny was in the inner sanctum of the Hairy Hacienda yard when Don took these pictures. Oh dear.

Hun, pleeeese be careful about coming into this yard. The last time Lenny ventured in here, he met a not so pleasant fate.

And, dude. Are you eating my plants?


For Cathy R… we promise we will.   😀