When you last saw Bernard, he was mulling things over.

Because he was in a playful mood, he was contemplating what to do next. The sure sign that Bernard is in a playful mood is ears pinned back.

Another sure sign is donkey stink eye.

If he makes his ears disappear completely, you can be really sure he’s in a playful mood.

Stirring up the dirt is fun.

Look at how cute his nose is… covered with dirt.

Aggravating his brothers is great fun.

Even Fergus isn’t immune to Bernard’s antics.

Neither am I.

So much fun makes a donkey boy tired. Drop and roll is an excellent relaxation technique.

So is showing the world how incredibly cute and adorable he is.

Still LOVE the curled feet.

His ten-second power nap allowed me to take an aww photo. I’m not kidding about the ten seconds.

Like any two-year old, Bernard loves to draw. I’m not kidding about this either. He loves to pick up sticks and drag them around the corral. I think this is more to hear the sound of the stick dragging on the ground… same principle as the poop rake dragging the ground.

Right about now is when Bernard paused to mull things over yesterday. After contemplating for at least 30 seconds, he turned to me to ask, “Mamma, am I cute?”

Me: Of course you are, Bernard. Everyone knows you’re the cutest ass in the universe.  ♥