Suni’s middle name is Lou Who because she reminds us so much of Cindy Lou Who from Whoville.

Suni Lou Who loves to dream.

Fortunately for us, when Suni dreams about donkeys, we can consult the following notations from 10,000 Dream Interpretations, by Gustavus Hindman Miller (1901):

  • To dream of a donkey braying in your face denotes that you are about to be publicly insulted by a lewd and unscrupulous person.
  • If you hear distant braying filling space with melancholy, you will receive wealth and release from unpleasant bonds by the death of some person close to you.
  • If you see yourself riding on a donkey, you will visit foreign lands and make many explorations into places difficult of passage.
  • To see others riding donkeys denotes a meager inheritance for them and a toiling life.
  • To drive a donkey signifies that all your energies and pluck will be brought into play against a desperate effort on the part of enemies to overthrow you. If you are in love, evil women will cause you trouble.
  • If you are kicked by this little animal, it shows that you are carrying on illicit connections, from which you will suffer much anxiety from fear of betrayal.
  • To see children riding and driving donkeys signifies health and obedience for them.
  • If you lead one by a halter, you will be master of every situation, and lead women into your way of seeing things by flattery.
  • To fall or be thrown from one denotes ill luck and disappointment in secular affairs. Lovers will quarrel and separate.
  • To dream of drinking the milk of a donkey denotes that whimsical desires will be gratified, even to the displacement of important duties.
  • If you see in your dreams a strange donkey among your stock, or on your premises, you will inherit some valuable effects.
  • To dream of coming into the possession of a donkey by present, or buying, you will attain to enviable heights in the business or social world, and if single, will contract a congenial marriage.
  • To dream of a white donkey denotes an assured and lasting fortune, which will enable you to pursue the pleasures or studies that lie nearest your heart. ♥