Technology allows us to see which search terms folks use to find us online at Morning Bray Farm. There are the usual and expected terms and phrases, such as “morning bray” and “the morning bray farm blog,” and terms and phrases generated by earlier posts we’ve done, such as “hummingbird moth…”

…and “stuffed jalapeños.” 

But who knew “poop” was such a popular search term? Because of our post on “toad poop,” “poop” – in one form or another – has generated a total of 345 visits to our blog so far this year.

We’ve had visits from folks who searched on the following phrases: toad poop, skunk poop, poop, skunk poop pictures, frog poop, skunk scat, toad poop picture, what does toad poop look like, toad scat, toad poo, toad feces identification, raccoon poop, what does frog poop look like, frog feces identification, poop in my garage, toad poop pics and identifying toad scat.

If you do a search on Yahoo! for toad poop, our toad poop picture comes up first. I suppose there are worse things to be known for, right? ♥