Just outside of  Amarillo’s city limits is a roadside attraction called Cadillac Ranch.

As a tribute to Cadillac in 1974, a collective of artists called Ant Farm decided to put 10 Cadillacs in a wheat field. (In 1997, the Ranch was moved two miles west from its original site.)

It’s a monument to the American dream on Route 66, pointed west.  The cars are buried in chronological order, from a 1949 Club Coupe to a 1963 Sedan de Ville.

Visitors are encouraged to bring cans of spray paint because the purpose of the monument is to let the audience take part.

Naturally, the boyz and the rest of Morning Bray Farm were there with us in spirit. Instead of spray painting something on one of the cars, we opted for something a little different.

We left a Morning Bray Farm bumper sticker instead. ♥