Since Don’s Wednesday session with Nigel went for several hours, we made sure to put water and hay out to help lessen Nigel’s stress.

Just as soon as I had perched myself back up on the fence to watch Don work with Nigel, I looked over to see a familiar busybody doing his best to see what was on the other side of the fence. Notice that Fergus and Ellsworth are still eating their lunch in the background.

Bernard tried this way…

…and that… to get his little donkey lips on the water in the tub.

Don and I totally cracked up when out of desperation, Bernard stuck his tongue out in a last-ditch effort to reach the water. (Remember, you can click on any photo to embiggen it.)

Aah, finally… success. Mind you, Bernard had access to the water tub behind him the entire time.

Bernard: See Mamma?! I did it!

Ellsworth: What’cha up to, Bernard?

Bernard: Ellsworth, you’ve gotta try the water in this tub! It’s delish! I used my tongue!  

Ellsworth: Well, have you tried unlatching the gate?

Bernard: No, but maybe I can move the tub over here for you…

Ellsworth: Tongue, shmongue, Bernard. Heck with this, I’m going to get a drink from our water tub.

Fergus: What’cha doin’, Bernard?

Bernard: This is the best water in the world, Fergus! You have to taste it!

Fergus:  No way, Bernard. You know, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck!

Bernard: Gee whiz, why won’t anyone believe me?