Patrick had his first foot trim ever this morning.

He surprised us all and did exceptionally well.

No sedation necessary.

We could tell Patrick was frightened, but he was a very brave boy.

Understandably, Patrick doesn’t like having his hind quarters or back legs and feet touched, so we were worried about whether Shorty would be able to trim Patrick’s back feet.

Being the excellent and extremely patient farrier that he is though, Shorty charmed Patrick’s back feet right off the ground.

There was a little kicking initially, but trimming Patrick this morning was a breeze for Shorty compared to trimming Ellsworth once upon a time.

As soon as his trim was done, Patrick went right over to his big brother.

We’re so proud of you both. Our sweet, sweet boys. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥