Do you know the feeling you get when you realize you’ve made a really good decision?

Hiring Ryan to train Ellsworth this summer was an excellent decision. 

On Saturday, during Ellsworth’s sixth lesson, Ryan took Ellsworth on his very first trail ride.

With Ryan’s experience and confidence guiding him, Ellsworth did a phenomenal job.

Ryan has a knack for knowing what Ellsworth needs and what he’s ready for.

Perhaps it was the antics of Ellsworth’s brothers on Saturday that prompted Ryan to take Ellsworth off the property for his maiden ride. Check out the peanut gallery:

Ellsworth clearly responds to Ryan’s consistency, perseverance and patience. For example, getting Ellsworth to cross over these logs has always been a big challenge for us on our walks.

On Saturday, Ryan had Ellsworth walking over them inside of five minutes.

And riding across them inside of seven.

Hey, Ryan? Don’t forget us when you’re famous, okay?

Lessons for Big Red – Week One