We hope you’re enjoying our favorite blog photos/moments from 2011. Remember if you click on any of the photos, you’ll be taken to the original blog posts.

June 2011

The expression on Bernard’s face the day we discovered the donkeys love watermelon:

And the drooling delight of Patrick:

The day Enzi got her very own beach in our backyard:

Ellsworth’s very first trail ride with his trainer, Ryan (I was beaming with pride for both of them):

Watching the ducklings thrive and grow over the summer was awesome:

July 2001

An Independence Day celebration with wonderful family and friends (and Maryland blue crabs!):

My first trail ride with Ellsworth, a.k.a. Big Red:

The afternoon the ducklings sat out in the yard enjoying a summer rain shower:

Don and I took the day off from work yesterday to go to the New Mexico State Fair donkey show. We met some really nice donkeys and their people while we were there.

This is GW and his person Judy. Judy adopted GW from Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado.

Here’s Judy’s jenny, Daisy decked out with her pack saddle:

Judy riding GW:

Daisy performing in the donkey trail, in hand class:

Judy with her other jenny, Patience in the donkey trail, in hand class:

After the competition, Don and I enjoyed walking around behind the scenes to meet everyone up close and personal. Here’s one of the handsome Severs mules:

A spotted jenny named Chloe:

Who has a heart-shaped spot on her behind:

When we stopped to visit with Judy and GW, the little jenny named Patience caught my eye. When I started telling her how pretty she was, she literally started posing for me:

Really, seriously posing:

What’s not to love? ♥