I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

This handsome young donkey’s name is Buck, and he’s coming to join the Morning Bray Farm herd tomorrow.

In July, Buck was one of a herd of 11 donkeys rescued from a feedlot for slaughter-bound horses located about 20 minutes from Morning Bray Farm. The wonderful couple who rescued Buck along with 10 other donkeys stepped up because the nearby rescues were all full or otherwise unable to take in foster donkeys.

Because they thought he looked like a little deer, Dorothea and Andrew named him “Buck”. From the beginning, they could see that Buck has a wonderful personality and an immensely strong will to live. Buck is pretty young and somewhat delicate; he has a formerly broken hind leg, uncared for and grown back together in a crooked way.

It turned out that Buck was one of the most skittish and untouchable of their rescue donkeys, and one who was in urgent need of a hoof trimming. Because of Dorothea’s and Andrew’s patience, compassion, and care, Buck is now quite touchable, and his feet have since started toward recovery.

Minus Buck and another gelding named Gustave, their rescued donkeys are heading to sanctuaries in California, Nevada and Texas over the next several weeks. Because Gustave needs a negative Coggins before he can travel, Dorothea and Andrew will work to gentle him over the winter. We have no doubt that Gustave will be eating Paco treats out of their hands in no time.  

Dorothea and Andrew, you did a wonderful, wonderful thing. Thank you for bringing them all back to life, and thank you for allowing us to give Buck a loving forever home.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. ♥