The Boyz and Gracie Belle did a wonderful job of welcoming Buck when he arrived at Morning Bray Farm yesterday. 

Bernard was worried about losing his “Baby Bernard” status, so I explained to him that he will always be my “first-born,” and that I’ll never stop loving him more every day.

Ellsworth was a very concerned big brother, wanting to be sure that all of Buck’s needs were addressed:

Not to worry Ellsworth. We set Buck up with his very own temporary Buckingham Palace.  As you can see, Buck made himself immediately right at home:

I spent the afternoon with Buck and discovered that he loves:

1. Being brushed and being loved on. Forever.

2. Granny Smith apples.

3. Carrots.

4. Peppermints.

I’m in love again. Head over heels. ♥ ♥ ♥