With the addition of Buck to the Morning Bray Farm herd, you might have noticed our new blog header this week. 

Credit must go to where credit is due. I’m not sure how many of you are aware that Carson over at 7MSN has been responsible for Morning Bray Farm’s blog headers from the beginning.

Carson took this photo and turned it into our first blog header:

Then she transformed one of my pictures of Bernard and Ellsworth into our next blog header:

Honestly, I think this header after Fergus and Nigel had joined our herd is my favorite of all time. Again, Carson took my picture and brought it to life:

December 2010. A beautiful Christmas gift:

March 2011. Patrick’s arrival:

July 2011. It broke our hearts to post this header:

August 2011. Gracie Belle’s arrival:

October 2011. Our new header. Welcome home Buck:

Thank you Carson… for making them all come alive. Thank you.