Bernard was our first donkey.

I wish I still had a copy of his Craigslist advert. If I knew then that donkeys would later become an obsession, I would’ve kept it. I do remember the listing said that his name was Little Guy and, “He’ll be your best friend.” 

Well. He is a cute little guy. I’m always telling him the cutest in the universe. He likes that.

Because I believed he deserved a distinguished name, we renamed him Bernard the day we brought him home. No need to constantly remind him of his short stature, right?

And, it’s not that I love Bernard any more than I love any of the other Boyz or Gracie, but he is my best donkey friend.

More than any of the others, Bernard always wants to be where I am. I like that.

I trust him completely, and I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about me.

I love just being with him, and he’s been getting more and more to the point where he can be with me quietly; without the need to have an article of clothing, a rake or a camera in his mouth.

Yes, just being with my best donkey friend. I ♥ Bernard.