There was no midnight raid. Bernard didn’t have bolt cutters. We aren’t on New Mexico’s most wanted list. 

We’ve named him Patrick, he’s here and he’s safe. And he’s already been surrounded by people who love him.

We spent a wonderful day on Sunday at 7MSN with Carson and Danni from Critter Farm.

On our way home from 7MSN, it happened. For a couple of weeks now, Don and I have talked about making an offer to buy Patrick as soon as we saw his people. As we drove past Patrick’s corral on Sunday evening, we saw they were there.

We pulled in and Don got out. I stayed in the car and pretended to read the newspaper because I couldn’t be involved in the conversation. Don is much more even-keeled than I am… if Patrick’s person had said no, it’s likely that I would have either started crying or yelling at him.

It turns out that Patrick’s person said yes, and here’s what we now know about Patrick:

  • He didn’t have a name
  • He is three years old and they acquired him two and a half years ago; he has never known anything but torment
  • He’s gelded, but not by a veterinarian (it was a home job)
  • He was used regularly for roping practice
  • They were unhappy with his performance as a roping donkey because Patrick learned early on that it wouldn’t hurt as bad if he stopped running as soon as he felt the rope around his ankles
  • His diet consisted of cow hay; he didn’t even rate the hay that was being fed to the horses that he was being used to train

By the time Patrick arrived at Morning Bray Farm on Sunday evening and we got him settled in, it was dark. That explains the pictures in yesterday’s post. (We were exhausted after a wonderful day, but we had to let you know that he was here.)

He is a very sweet boy and he’s going to do well with lots of love… which he got lots of yesterday, thanks to Carson and Danni.

He’s handsome too.

He’s hiding underneath a bit of hair.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Carson and Danni spent the day working with and loving Patrick while Don and I were at work. Thank you, Aunt Linda and Aunt Danni. We love you.

Don came home bearing gifts for Patrick. A brand new, shiny green halter and lead rope.

Green is Patrick’s color.

It makes him look exceptionally, super cute.

We have no doubt that life is going to come back into Patrick’s eyes. Bernard will make sure of that.

The vet is coming this morning and we’ll start introducing Patrick to the boyz as soon as we get the all clear. ♥

To read more about Carson’s and Danni’s day of love with Patrick, be sure to visit their blogs at The 7MSN Ranch and On the Way to Critter Farm.