Ellsworth had an excellent adventure on Saturday. He provided us with one surprise after another and we’re so incredibly proud of him.

He loaded right up into the trailer… a huge surprise. This was Ellsworth’s first time being trailered since he came to Morning Bray Farm. Carson will remember that it wasn’t so easy getting him into the trailer the last time.

His brothers gave him a big send off.

Bernard actually tried to get into the trailer with Ellsworth. Sorry, Bernard, not this time.

Instead of my usual Saturday morning riding lesson, my riding instructor graciously offered to help us work with Ellsworth.

Ellsworth Big Red has done a great job with our riding sessions at home, but we’re ready to take things to the next level.

When we arrived at L’s farm, I think Don and I both expected for Ellsworth to act up. There were all kinds of new things going on for him, not to mention at least a dozen talking horses.

Instead, he was an angel. He was calm, poised and eager.

After Ellsworth checked out his new surroundings, my instructor gave us a ground work lesson. Ellsworth was a star pupil.

R, my instructor’s grandson, happened to be there on Saturday. R has probably been riding horses since before he could walk and was eager to work with Ellsworth. It was a beautiful thing.

Watching R and Ellsworth was amazing. (Carson, now I know exactly what you mean about purpose and intent.) Ellsworth was stunning. R’s confidence shined through Ellsworth.

They rode the round pen and stayed on the rail. Ellsworth looked like he was born to do this.

R was assertive, calm and quiet. Ellsworth was proud. That’s my boy.

What a morning. Ellsworth walked out with Don with his head held high.

Ellsworth took one last look at the horses before Don walked him through the gate. The look on his face said, “I’m hangin’ with the big dogs now.”

That’s my boy. We’re so proud of you Ellsworth. So proud. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥