Momma and Baby Boy are American Blackbelly sheep. Most people raise American Blackbellies for their meat.

They are hair sheep as opposed to wool sheep. They grow a winter coat that they shed on their own in the spring and summer. 

Oh, how I wish I could brush Baby Boy!

While Baby Boy and Momma will now come to me and will even eat from my hand, brushing them is completely out of the question.

The simple act of “catching”, restraining, and brushing them would set them back months, I’m sure.

For now, I’ll settle on sneaking handfuls of hair from Momma and Baby Boy when they’re not looking.

And, if you’re wondering, mutton is not going to be on the Morning Bray Farm menu. Ever. ♥

When she came to Morning Bray Farm almost four years ago, Momma was completely feral.

Finally, last week… Momma took something from my hand for the first time.

How did I never notice that Momma’s and Baby Boy’s tongues are black?

What a monumental moment. I was quiet outside, but inside, I was screaming and jumping up and down.

Momma is so beautiful.

Finally… Momma!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

March 2011

A rare, quiet moment for Meggie Moo:

A tender moment between Momma and Baby Boy:

Ellsworth being an incredible big brother and officially welcoming Patrick into the herd:

A hug from Fergus. I will always cherish this photo:

The simple joy of taking Bernard for a walk around the block:

April 2011

Kassie watching squirrel television:

Patrick learning how to be a donkey and giving his very first hug:

Welcoming the ducklings to the farm:

May 2011

Donkeys and ducklings meeting for the first time:

Whisky romping in the Rio Grande:

The ducklings loving the lawn sprinklers:

One of our many donkey play dates. Oh, how we love our play dates:

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The other day, Baby Boy was determined to tell me there was a dove in his water tub.

Momma was mortified that a bird was bathing in her water. Aren’t her teeth cute? ♥

This is the farm down the road where Momma and Baby Boy came from. We counted a total of 20 lambs yesterday, including quite a few sets of twins.

It’s hard to believe Baby Boy was really that small just a year ago. He has grown up to be such a handsome boy, don’t cha think?

Momma and Baby Boy are American Blackbelly sheep. When they came to Morning Bray Farm one year ago, Baby Boy was just a week old. Their extremely docile nature makes them such a calming influence on our farm.

This is Baby Boy at one week. He was so cute you could’ve sopped him up with a biscuit.

This is Baby Boy today. Isn’t he handsome? We can’t wait to watch his horns grow.

Momma is the best mom we’ve ever seen.